Why Swimava? 9 facts to set Swimava apart from other brands

Why Swimava?

There's plenty of baby floating rings on the market, but Swimava sets itself apart from the rest. Here are nine reasons why Swimava is the best floating ring for your baby.

  1. Founded in 2008, U.K. based Swimava was the first international company to develop a unique infant swimming product that allowed a baby to freely move in the water while keeping his head safely above water. The Swimava G1 Starter Baby Floats were the first of their kind, and the derived health benefits drove other companies to follow suit.
  2. Unlike some infant products, Swimava products are designed to grow with your children. The full line of goods are suitable for 2-month olds to 4-year olds. View our complete line of floating rings, tubs, swim diapers, and more, here.
  3. At Swimava, safety comes first. Our float designs ensure a comfortable, but secure fit around the baby's neck ( as for the neck floats) or chest (for the underarm floaties). All floats feature separate air chambers each secured with tight fitting air locks. Our products have met and exceeded the safety standard from international labs such as SGS and Intertek. However, as secure and safe as our products are, please do not leave your children unattended in any body of water.
  4. Unlike numerous other products to include our competitors, since we began operations in 2008 there have never been any recalls for any Swimava products. Find out more here.
  5. Our company infrastructure ensures on-site monitoring of the production process to include randomized tests. Every product must uphold Swimava's high standards.
  6. We want you and your baby to completely happy with our products, so we make it easy for returns and exchanges. Our Hassle Free Replacement Warranty protects your purchase for 90 days, should any defects arise. Our 30-day Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee allows returns for any reason, no questions asked.
  7. Swimava uses high quality hypo-allergenic PVC plastic. Our products are lead, phthalate, and Bisphenol-A free.
  8. You'll be set up completely with each Swimava floating device. Every floating package comes with the swimming ring, a tailored hand pump, user guide, reusable zipper bag for storage, and a swim diaper.
  9. Aesthetics are important, which is why our designers create fun new motifs every season. You can always find something suitable for your child to reflect his or her likes.


                    How do I put a Swimava Starter Ring on my infant?

                    • One caregiver holds the infant, preferably in a sitting position with one hand supporting the back of the neck and the other hand supporting the chest/ tummy. The second caregiver opens the Starter Ring and puts it around the infant’s neck.            
                    • Helpful hint! When placing the Starter Ring on your infant, try to get him to tilt his head up. This will make it easier to slide the ring under his chin and have his chin rest on top of the ring.
                    • Parents should ensure that the infant’s chin is supported by the Starter Ring. If the infant’s chin easily slips under the chin rest, the ring maybe too large. You may consider exchanging the Swimava Starter Ring for a Petite Swimava Starter Ring.

                    How does water activity benefit infant development?

                    • Early water activity allows for full body development and can help to encourage bowel movement, improve constipation, relieve colic, and regulate sleeping and eating patterns naturally.
                    • Can the Starter Ring restrict my infant’s breathing?
                    • Not at all. The Starter Ring supports the infant’s chin and head above water and does not constrict his or her breathing.


                    When can my infant use the Starter Ring?

                    • You can use the Starter Ring everyday. Summer is good, winter is even better!


                    Are there any safety concerns?

                    • Infants must always be under competent adult supervision when they are in or near water.
                    • Infant should eat 40 to 50 minutes before water activity to being full or hungry.
                    • Special technique for adjusting water temperature: if you want your infant to be more active in the water, you can adjust eh water temperature to 32-34 degree Celsius. If your infant uses the home spa for relaxation before sleeping, the water temperature can be adjusted to 34-6 degree Celsius.
                    • Each swimming session should not exceed 20 minutes. Pay close attention to your infant for sign he is ready to finish bath/ swim time.
                    • If using a home spa, please be sure to use fresh water for every bath session.


                    If my friend gives me her infant’s Swimava ring, can I use it?

                    • Users may have different methods of product maintenance that lead to different levels of wear and tear. For infant safety, please do not sell second-hand Swimava product to others or accept second-hand Swimava products provided by third parties.