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Nice nice

Product comes with the good quality and thank you swimava teams for the best service Swimava G1 Starter Baby Floatie - Ivory Boat


Nicha from CA , Oct 10, 2016



My four month old baby had the best time using his Swimava. I am so sorry I didn't hear about this product before for my other two older boys. It was a beautiful way of spending time with my baby, he relaxed and enjoyed the water so much. I want all my friends with babies to have one too!!  Alexandra Fernandez on-Sep 03, 2016

Excellent  It was very nice for my baby!  Sep 03, 2016

JIYOUNG LEE on Swimava G1 Starter Baby Floatie - Yellow Duckies

Best baby gift ever!!

I bought this for a friend's grandson. She can't say enough about how much they love it!! Highly recommend this

Very Good Float for Baby or Toddler
Top Customer Reviews By Huong Thi Thu Pham on August 21, 2016 Beautiful Baby or Toddler Float with Hand Pump

Pros: - Very beautiful design with yellow color - High quality soft plastic made. Not easy to be flatted or leaked - Useful handy pump included for immediate use - Safety to use with 2 layers in case 1 layer is flat, the other one still can save a life - Secure with 2 useful locks which is white plastic mades - The locks are extendable for easy to fit big baby - 2 funny sound bell inside the tube to get baby attraction, amuse and entertain the baby - Light weight with compact size when collapsed. This product is so portable.

Easy to carry anywhere - Can be used in pool, river, beach or lake - Can be used for any baby or toddler, girl or boy - Do very good job for a float, work fabulous as advertised - No scratch, no itching, allergy free, and no smell - Smooth and shiny inside the tube to make the toddler feel comfortable to wear - Easy to inflate, collapse and use with some simple steps - The valve are designed to be pushed through the whole way help the baby enjoy the float easier

Cons: - No LED light inside to boat to make bright in the dark.

Aug 23, 2016

Huong Thi Thu Pham from San Francisco, CA (  

Best Infant Flotation Device

We’re on our third baby and have tried at least that many infant flotation devices, and this is by far our favorite. The Swimava can be used from 1-18 months, our son is a year and we have loved it so far! The neck ring is completely supports the baby’s head and keeps it above water, leaving his arms and legs free to enjoy the water. It’s the perfect swimming solution for a baby. Our baby wants to be in the water but is just so dangerous to himself! He has no concept of the danger, so having him use this ring keeps him safe and lets him have so much fun at the pool.

Kbn from New York. Apr 24, 2016

Great for water fun!

My son loves swimming in the bathtub with the swimava. I can’t wait to use it in the pool when he will be 6 months. The only issue is we have a lower tub so by 3 months our baby is sitting in the tub not exactly swimming, but he still enjoys his freedom.   I.S. from Eugene

Our 5 months old son - Zibi (his nick name in English language) is very very happy with Your Swimava pool and Swimava ring together. THAT'S REALLY GREAT PRODUCTS. I am really surprised it cannot be bought in shops and even in Europe in the internet swimming shops.

I enclouse his photo and short video film from his GREAT bath time. PIOTR MINZIK

I saw this site through youtube. How cool, I had a home waterbirth and my little lady enjoys the bath, and I would love to be able to let her swim around the pool too!! Audra Willis

Hey, my little girl loved it - they are so good as she had full movement of her arms and legs to kick about and with the shoulders in she didn't get cold!!! I found the ring fabulous for swimming !!! XJade Tsamplakos

Swimava fantastic for baby, 14 May 2010
By difah (lancashire) - See all my reviews

This review is from: Swimava Baby Swimming Ring (Baby Product) Bought the swimava took baby swimming to local pool, he loved it straight away, his little arms and legs started to move! We have recently been abroad and he used the swimava everday in the pool its a fantastic product recommend it to all mums. Difah

I am SO in love with my Swimava ring! I put my baby in it for the first time and I have never seen him so happy!! THANK YOU for this wonderful product, I will tell all my friends!!

Again thank you, and I will shall pass your Website and recommend to everyone and my friends about your wonderful and useful Swimava products. Adam

I got the Swimava ring today. It's a very great product. I definitely will recommend my friends to buy Swimava ring. Your service is great too. Thanks again. Lu

Great product. Baby loves it. Great communications. Recommended product. yong yehe

Great swim ring, our baby loved it! Thanks!! Rose Booker

Thank's !!! Great item baby love's it !!! Very Fast shipping less than a week !! Fred Isa

This is the best product i have bought 4 my baby so far! He absolutely loves it! C.R.D.

"got it,thank you swimava ♥ you're the sweetest!!! :) YIPEEE" Jovel Blanco

What an amazing product. My brother and sister in law started my niece with the swim ring and pool at a very young age. Now, at 3 years old she is such an amazing, strong, smart and beautiful little girl. I truely believe that her development was aided by her nightly swim. Every child should know how to swim, no matter where will they live, and this ring will help them gain confidence in the water at an early age. I have yet to see an uncomfortable looking baby while using the Swimava ring. I happily endorse this product and recommed families with new babies give it a try. Aimee Guido

My little girl just loves to swim using the Swimava neck ring. I can't recommend it highly enough. It's a brilliant product, which works well in the swimming pool as well as the bath at home.

The pool is a little time consuming to inflate and fill with water, but good for occasional use, especially in winter when I worry about her catching cold at the swimming pool. V. Elliott

I love this! Everyone who sees it think it's weird, but when they see it work, they totally understand! My baby first used this at about 3 months old and we have brought it out again for the new warm season. At 11 (almost 12) months she still loves it! She seems to be perfectly at ease and can even kick her little legs to get her self going in a general direction. Her hands are free to splash and play with her pool toys. This is such a cool item, I am glad we found it. My baby really loves it! AJ

Purchased the Swimava "product for our daughter to use - she has cerebral palsy and this is a fantastic form of exercise for her." Mark

Brilliant fun product sent to my niece in Japan thank you Swimava! hywel5576

The info tells you everything you need to know and I like watching the videos of happy babies using the product! Before trying it on my baby I tested it round the neck of my toddler and it was fine. My baby loves the wee handles to hold onto and the moving shapes inside the ring are a nice touch. My baby LOVES it so that put my mind at ease regarding the fit the two air compartments of the ring allow you to deflate the ring for individual fit plus the two fastenings give you extra reassurance the size is just right, its shape is fine and it fits perfectly. She absolutely unequivocally loved it!

I let go and she was moving herself up and down the bath beaming at me the whole time although she has never minded the bath it is the first time she seems to have actually enjoyed herself! I like how much my baby like it – she can swim around confidently without clinging on to me. I like that it gets us to the swimming pool more often! It tired her out and she slept for five hours after her morning swim. She was extremely happy for a lot longer than she would normally stay in the bath. I liked the fact that his head and face were kept safely and securely away from the water. Swimava Mums UK

We received my item today and we trial used it. It's very fine. And my son looks like feel delight. Thank you Seiji Ohno

I am so happy that I could introduce Swimava to our 2 moths old daughter. She seems to be really interested in moving her body as she wishes even though she still has some limitations to her movements when not in water because she's still too young. I'm very much glad to see her enjoying it! Yoshida

This Swimava Swim Ring is awesome. My daughter she is crazy about it every time when she sees it. thanks. Cheers, Chi

I tried the ring with my daughter and she absolutely adores it! I will recommend it to my entourage! Vive Swimava!! Cheers! Sayuri Sayuri

Autumn is 4 months old and loves her Swimava! What a neat product! Autumn's Mum

Your product looks great! Do you have something or recommend a product for disabled children who are 25+ lbs? My niece has Angelmans syndrome and I would love to get her something like this for her water therapy but she's already 19 mos! Melissa