Swimava Safety Guides

Our focus is on early infant activity and development with your infant’s health and safety as our highest priority. Please read our Safety Guide in full prior to using any new Swimava Product (it contains important information about safe and proper use:). Check your email for our latest Safety Guide following any purchase and contact us if you have any questions. You can also download our Swimava Safety Guide in PDF format here:

G-1 Starter Ring 

ENGLISH Swimava G1 Starter Ring Product Manual 
SPANISH Swimava G1 Starter Safety Guide  
CHINESE Swimava活潑嬰兒沐浴及安全游泳指引
한국어 Swimava G1 안전 사용자 설명서 
日本語 Swimava G1 Starter Safety Guide  


ENGLISH Swimava P1 Pool Safety Guide 
ENGLISH Swimava P2 Pool Safety Guide 
P-1 中文安全說明書下載
P-2 中文安全說明書下載            

Other Baby to Toddler Products

ENGLISH Swimava G2 Body Ring Safety Guide 2-4y 
ENGLISH Swimava G3 Wings Safety Guide 18m-6y
ENGLISH Swimava G4 Swimmer Safety Guide 3-6y 

Never leave your infant unattended when using the Swimava Bath and Swim Ring.
Always remain within arm’s reach of your infant.
Product Life of your new Swimava is 17 months following date of purchase. For safety reasons, do not use your Swimava after the 17 month product life has expired and dispose of safely.                  
Why Swimava? Our unique products encourage physical activity potentially leading to early development of higher functions and improved sleeping patterns. Our Grade 1 Starter Ring is suitable for infants up to 18 months and weighing 5.5kg (12lbs) – 11kg (25lbs).

Now get started with Safely Swimava!

1. Inflate the Swimava Baby Ring and/or Bath

  • Separate hand pumps are included for each Swimava Baby Ring and Swimava Bath. To inflate the Baby Ring insert the pump nozzle firmly into the top air chamber safety valve to break the factory seal. Be careful not to damage the air valve.
  • Pump up the top chamber until it is full and feels firm. Then repeat steps with the bottom chamber. If the seams begin to show strain stop inflation and release air to reduce pressure until all signs of stress on seams are gone.
  • Ensure each valve is securely plugged after being filled. Periodically check the valves to ensure they are plugged.
  • Do not over inflate the ring.
  • Prior to placing the Baby Ring on your infant put the ring completely under water for 60 seconds and check for any air bubbles indicating leakage.
  • The small hand pump is not a toy, keep it out of reach of children.

2. Place the Swimava Baby Ring on your Infant

  • Caregiver #1 should support the infant’s head while Caregiver #2 fastens the Baby Ring. Open the Baby Ring and gently bring it around the infant’s neck from the front or from behind. The baby handles should be on the bottom and facing down.
  • Close the Baby Ring securing both the top and bottom buckles. Gently lift the infant’s chin before fastening. For Baby Rings without a specially designed chin rest, the buckle section is the next best place to use.
  • Always adjust the Baby Ring diameter to suit your infant prior to placing him in the pool or bath, (never when already in the water).
  • You should always be able to slide at least 2 fingers in between the Baby Ring and your infant all the way around.
  • You can slightly decrease the lower/inner air chamber pressure to relax the inner ring diameter if the ring feels too tight.
  • The upper air chamber should always be fully inflated.
  • The Baby Ring should move freely around the infant’s neck and should only be supporting his head above the water. 

3. Test the Water Temperature and Adjust the Water Level

  • Fill the Swimava Bath or your bath tub with warm water.
  • Adjust the water level so your infant can float and enjoy free movement of his arms and legs.
  • The water temperature should be approximately 35 degrees Celsius (95 degrees Fahrenheit) with no more than +/- 2 degrees Celsius (+/- 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit) variation. Monitor the water temperature with a floating baby thermometer.

4. Place your Infant in the Water

  • Support your infant from under the arms while gently placing him in the bath or pool.
  • Never leave an infant unattended while using this Swimava Baby Ring or any flotation product. Always remain within arm’s reach.
  • Remember: Maximum infant weight should not exceed 11kg (25lbs).
  • Never use the handles on the Baby Ring to lift your infant in or out of the water.
  • Do not use bath oils in the water as these can affect the durability of the plastic PVC Swimava Baby Ring. This could also make surfaces unexpectedly slippery and lead to an accident when removing your infant from the bath.
  • Pay close attention to your infant for signs he is ready to finish bath/swim time. Your infant most certainly will let you know when he has had enough!
  • Although it may be possible for your infant to enjoy the Swimava Baby Ring for over 20 minutes, this should not be exceeded.

5. Take your Infant out of the Water

  • Two caregivers should always be present when taking your infant out of the water.
  • Caregiver # 1 should hold the infant firmly under the arms prior to Caregiver #2 removing the Swimava Baby Ring.

Here are some helpful Videos that explain how to use Swimava:


How to put on Swimava:

How to remove Swimava:

Swimava Warnings

  • Suitable for infants aged up to 18 months. Minimun weight 5.5kg (12bs), maximum weight 11kg (25lbs).
  • Use only under competent adult supervision.
  • Consult a pediatrician for suitability of this product for your infant before use.
  • This item is not a life preserver and will not protect against drowning.
  • Never leave an infant unattended while using this Swimava Baby Ring. Always remain within arm’s reach.
  • For use is shallow water only. Never take an infant into water where the caregiver cannot easily touch bottom.
  • Prior to placing the Swimava Baby Ring on your infant put the ring completely under water for 60 seconds and check for any air bubbles indicating leakage.
  • Keep the Baby Bath and Swim Baby Ring away from sharp or pointed objects, any sources of heat and extended direct sunlight in order to avoid damage.
  • Regularly inspect the Swimava Swim Ring for any damage/punctures that could lead to deflation while in use.
  • Use only mild soap and warm water to clean this product. Do not pressure-wash this product and avoid use of any cleaning detergents, especially abrasives and bleach.

Benefits of Swimava Baby Swimming

Our Swimava Baby Ring gently supports the head above water allowing your infant to float and enjoy free mobility of his arms and legs. This “treading” motion is one of the first steps to early water safety and aids in the development of muscle coordination, balance, stamina, and breathing. Enjoy quality child-caregiver bonding while you’re infant experiences some of his first independent water time. Take a few minutes to watch Swimava ‘Video Clips’ on Swimava.ca.

Our patented pediatrician’s design, featuring dual compartmentalized air chambers, was made with your infant’s health and safety as our highest priority. Always consult your pediatrician regarding early water activity for your infant and to ensure suitability of this product. See the results of our testing and studies at Swimava.ca.

Please note this product should be used as a lead up and transition to traditional baby swimming lessons and should not replace swim lessons. Swimava provides an excellent opportunity to encourage more active water time at home, when other constraints limit the time you can spend at a pool.

On average, how many hours does your infant sleep each night? Record your infant’s sleep patterns and durations before and after Swimava and compare the difference after one week of regular Swimava bath time each night. Set aside 15-20 minutes of Swimava bath time within 1 hour of bedtime and notice your infant’s improved sleep quality and duration. We believe you will see encouraging results.

Take a photo or video once a week and as the months pass and post these on our Facebook Page and you’ll automatically be entered in our monthly draws. If you don’t use Facebook, email them to us and we’ll post them on our website with your permission.

Swimava Features

Swimava is made of high quality hypo-allergenic PVC plastic and free from Bisphenol-A.

This product weighs 5kg with pool, ring, pumps included, and packs perfectly as a travel baby bath.

Swimava Baby Ring approximate dimensions when inflated – (Outer Diameter) 38.2cm, (Inner Diamter) 9.4cm, (Thickness) 11.4cm

Swimava Pool approximate dimensions when infated – (Height) 70cm, (Inner Diameter) 70cm, (Outer Diameter) 90cm

Swimava Safety Standards Passed:

– ISO 8124.1-2000, MOD

– Japan Toy Safety standard Part 3:2002

– U.S.Federal Hazardous Substances Act 16 CFR 1500.48/1500.49/1500.44/1501

– U.S. Federal Hazardous Substances Act, 16 CFR 1500.44 and ASTM F963-08

– Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 (CPSIA 2008/H.R.4040), Title 1 Section 101