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Thursday, 1 March 2012

 ( by Tina Holmes)

Swimava Swim Ring

I recently got an amazing opportunity to test out the Swimava swim ring. I will admit when I said yes to testing I thought it was a normal swimming ring. We had been discussing taking Lexie swimming so I thought great and the timing was perfect!

When I got the confirmation email that I would be testing this product, I googled the Swimava swim ring and when I saw it I nearly had a heart attack. It’s actually an inflatable ring that you put around your baby's neck so their head doesn't go below the water, while the rest of their body is submerged. As a mom I am automatically wary of putting things around my child's neck, so the product seemed alien to me.

When the Swimava swim ring arrived I took it out, pumped it up and it didn't look that bad, although I was slightly worried about testing it. To say I was sceptical is a major understatement. However once I had read the detailed guidelines supplied with the product I feel reassured and ready to try it out...

Swimming day came and we popped on the Swimava swim ring once we were in the water. To my surprise Lexie absolutely loved it!! No tears or getting a face full of water or no tipping of the ring. Initially I wasn't confident enough to let go of her waist quite yet but even so she kicked and giggled and moved about totally oblivious to the ring round her neck!! I was shocked and pleasantly surprised! There were a few parents looking at us, with their jaws on the floor, they must have been thinking OMG!!

In relation to how secure the ring is; it has two clasps, one on the bottom of the join, and one on the top. When inflated you have to really stretch the ring apart to make the gap wide enough to pass it round the baby’s neck, so even if one came loose somehow it would take a super baby to escape. There is no way you couldn't notice this happening so you could easily step in to correct it. The clasps look quite small; this is designed specifically so there is no possibility of trapping a baby’s skin etc within them. They are safety tested so a child fiddling with them couldn't open them accidentally. There are also 2 inflation tubes, and the seals on them seem stronger than the ones I've seen on normal inflation devices. Even without the stopper in, the air doesn't come out unless compressed but if one of the tubes did begin to deflate, this would present no more of a risk than any other swim ring or arm bands (NEVER leave your baby unattended when in the water). In any case the parent is always on hand to ensure that the baby isn't at undue risk.

As an independent reviewer I've had to keep an open mind and go against my motherly instincts but I'm still amazed by the results. Little Lexie loves it, as she free under the water to kick with her arms and legs. In fact, from now on, when it comes to swimming day it’s something I wouldn’t leave home without!
It’s amazing :)
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