New Arrival! Swimava G1 Starter Baby Neck Floatie

$ 31.99

Swimava G1 Starter Baby Neck Float: Unique Products to Enhance Baby's Bath Time Experience. Promote baby's appetite, sleeping pattern, & develop baby's body coordination. 

Compare to other company selling similar products in the U.S.- are So-call a marketing company. Meaning they spend most of their budget on media to promoting the "Brand" name. And buying "OEM" product and with their own design from one to several sources depends on the availability and pricing at the time. They don't have the manpower to overlook the manufacturing process nor setup a local R&D branch.  Result: Product Quality is questionable from batch to batch.

At Swimava, most our customers are by referral or word of mouth since 2008. We are small family own company and we put our focus on product quality, customer service and development of new unique products that customers Love.

Swimava Baby Neck Float Production

Swimava G1 baby Neck Ring is suitable for infants enjoying water time in bathtubs and baby friendly public swimming pools. Summer is good, Winter is even better! 

Pool encouraging confidence in water. Promote Baby's appetite & Sleep Pattern. Make Bathing Time-Fun !

Ideal for use in our P1 and P2 Swimava Baby Pool 
Suitable ages 1-18 months 
Before use, your infant should be able to raise his/her own head while on his/her belly. 
Maximum weight about 11kg (24lbs) 
Materials: PVC (Phthalate & BPA Free) 

**Never leave your infant unattended in or near water!**

Purchasing Options:
Option 1: Swimava G1 Starter Ring, Safety Guide, Hand Pump, all included in a Reusable Wet Bag.
Option 2: Swimava G1 Starter Ring, Safety Guide, Hand Pump, & Washable/Adjustable Matching Deluxe Swim Diaper (One Size), all included in a Reusable Wet Bag.

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