Swimava P1 Deluxe Home Spa Complete Bundle Set- (Limited Supply)

$ 109.00 $ 135.00

Package Content :

P1 Inflatable Swimava Swimming Pool Set (X-Large)

  1. G1 Ivory Boat Design Starter Ring
  2. Swim Diaper
  3. Safety Guide for P1 and G1
  4. 2 pumps: Pool Pump and Ring Pump
  5. Reusable beach bag for easy storage 
  6. X-L Size Design to use in large open space 40"W x 40"D Minimum
  7. Email us before purchase if customer have question about the size and usage

Swimava P1 Inflatble Tub Product video  


Product Features:

  1. It is suitable for babies to enjoy the water fun from the comfort and safety of your own home
  2. Recommend use 15- 30 minutes before baby's bedtime to promote better eating and sleeping pattern
  3. P1 Swimava Inflatable Swimming Pool units are air and water leakage tested
  4. Suitable for infant ages 3-18 months
  5. Minimum weight at 5.5 kg (12 lbs),  Maximum weight at 13 kg (29 lbs)
  6. Made with durable material and phthalates FREE
  7. Improved safety design with multiple auto air locks
  8. Capable to fit up to 2 infant under 29 lbs.
  9. Drainage tube on the bottom of tub  


  1. Assembly Dimensions: 27.5" x  27.5"x  Inner Diameter x 35" Diameter when fully inflated. 
  2. Shipping & Storage Dimensions:   19" x 13" x 10" 
  3. Please confirm the measurement of Baby Spa and will fit customer's space before ordering  . Have questions or concern ? , Please email to swimavausa@gmail.com

Shipping Delivery Time:

2-4 days to (West Coast) ,  4-7 days to (East Coast)
Expedited shipping available upon request.
Other G1 ring design available upon request.

Email: Swimavausa@gmail.com
Phone: 626-478-2565

**Adult Supervision require , Never leave your infant unattended in or near water!**


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