Swimava G-2 Toddler Body Ring -Ivory (Large) 2-4 Yrs

$ 26.99

Swimava G-2 Body Ring (Large) -11-15 KG / 24-33 LBS


Unique Product to Enhance Babies Bath Time Experience. Promote better appetite, sleeping pattern and develop brain & body coordination.

Package Contents:
Swimava G-2 Body Ring (L), Safety Guide, Pump, all included in a Reusable Wet Bag.

Product Features:  Suitable for toddlers who have graduated from our G1 Swimava Starter Ring and want to enjoy water time in pools or tubs. Our unique G2 Body Ring is made to fit snugly around the chest and securely under you child's arm pit. 

  1. Special Design for baby/toddler from 11-15 KG / 24-33 LBS
  2. Inner Circumference/ Chest fitting of 48-52CM / 18.9"- 20.47"
  3. Provide tight fitting and can breakwater more smoothly than similar product ,   
  4. Safety : Product has Upper and lower air chambers with Separate air locks to enhance safety.
  5. Quality:  Lead & Phthalate Free & Designed in U.K.   
  6. ed in U.K.   

    Safety First :

    **Ensure constant competent adult supervision when infants are in or near water** 

    Safety Guide Download (English) 

    Video of Twins having fun in Swimava G2 floaties



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