Swimava Baby neck float ring for Bathtub and Pools

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    Swimava is global company design and manufacturing Unique Baby swimming float and inflatable portable Baby tub. A new invention offer unparalleled health benefit for Infant from as young as 1 months (G-1 Product) to 4 years old Toddle (G-4) .  Study show it help improve baby's sleeping and eating pattern.  

    Featuring advance safety design and meet or exceed international lab testing standard for chemical and quality.

     Swimava Discount- 10% for order $50

    Before your baby can walk or even crawl, they can be Swimava Active in water!
    Our Swimava Starter Ring + Pool can help your infant with foundations of swimming while encouraging early learning and development from early an early age.. One of the first steps to water safety is learning to tread water. Swimava allows for free movement of arms and legs so your infant can develop this ‘treading movement’ early and naturally. We have more than 900,000 happy Swimava Baby customers globally! Safety First! Never leave your infant unattended in the water and always keep them within a arm's reach.