Swimava G1 Starter Baby Floatie -Blue Macaroon (Free Shipping)

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Swimava G1 Starter Baby Neck Float: Unique Products to Enhance Baby's Bath Time Experience. Promote baby's appetite, sleeping pattern, & develop baby's body coordination.

Swimava G1 Starter Ring is suitable for infants enjoying water time in bathtubs and baby friendly public swimming pools. Summer is good, Winter is even better ! 

Ideal for use in our P1 and P2 Swimava Baby Pool 
Suitable ages 1-18 months 
Before use, your infant should be able to raise his/her own head while on his/her belly. 
Maximum weight about 11kg (24lbs) 
Materials: PVC (Phthalate & BPA Free) 

**Never leave your infant unattended in or near water!**

Purchasing Options:
Option 1: Swimava G1 Starter Ring, Safety Guide, Hand Pump, all included in a Reusable Wet Bag.
Option 2: Swimava G1 Starter Ring, Safety Guide, Hand Pump, & Washable/Adjustable Deluxe Swim Diaper (One Size), all included in a Reusable Wet Bag.

Baby Neck Ring- Swimava Macaron

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